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1. How do I report a bug?

Call us @95605 90195 or mail at help@wowchess.com with a brief about the issue and a screenshot, if you can manage. The helpline team will look into it.


1. What happens when someone is caught cheating?

If players/accounts are found to be breaking the code, cheating or using means to gain undue advantage in the tournaments – will be disqualified from the tournament(s), and repeated attempts will result in getting their accounts blocked. Such players will not be entitled to the prizes. WowChess/Uniformo Gaming and Tech Pvt. Ltd. relies on experienced aribiters to resolve such cases and their verdict will be considered final.

2. what count as cheating on wow chess?

Players are NOT allowed to indulge in any activity with an intent to cheat, gain advantage, game the system, using programs to fool the application and internal checks or using engines during the gameplay on an separate computer/device. No player is allowed to play for a friend/family/acquaintance using the other’s account. Any player found indulging in any of the above mentioned activities, will be considered cheating.

3. How can I see the captured pieces?

You can see the captured pieces on the game screen below each player’s profile icons.

4. How are winners determined in an arena tournament?

In an arena format, The player with maximum Points at the end of the tournament duration will be declared as the winner of that particular tournament. Please refer to the tournament info on each of the tournament card for detailed information on points and awards.

5. How do I register for tournaments?

Tournaments can be free or paid, which can be identified from the details mentioned on each card. Select the tournament you would like to play and press the “Join now” button to register.

6. For how long do the tournaments run?

Every tournament may have a different duration which is clearly mentioned in each tournament card.

7. What do I win in a cash tournament?

Every tounrmaent has a different set of criterias, prize pool being one of them. Your winnings will depend upon your ranking and the prize pool of the tournament.

8. Can I join a contest in the middle of the tournament?

Yes you can join the tournament in the middle of the series, however it lowers your chance to earn a better rank at the leaderboard as there may be players who joined the tournament before you and may have played a number of games already.

9. When will I get my prize money in wallet?

The Prize money will be transfered to your wowchess wallet, moments after the tournament ends.

10. Is there a minimum participation needed for a tournament to begin?

Yes, some tournaments may or may not have a minimum criteria. Please check the individual tournament cards for the tournament details.

11. How many times can I attempt in a tournament?

You can play as many games as you want in a tournament, depending on the game formats, till the tournament is over.


1. Can I have multiple accounts using the same email id?

No, with the same email-id, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the WowChess platform.

2. How do I change my email address?

In the user profile section, visit “view profile” to change/edit any of the details.


1. What currency are payments made in?

The payments on WowChess platform are made only in INR.

2. Is KYC verification necessary to join tournaments on wowchess?

It is not necessary to complete your KYC verification to join any tournament on WowChess. You can even withdraw your winnings of up to Rs 10,000 in a year without KYC. However if the withdrawal of your winnings crosses Rs 10,000 in a year it is necessary to complete KYC. All KYC requests are verified within 1 working day.

3. Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw money to my bank account?

Yes, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) of 31.2% is applicable on winnings/withdrawals above INR 10,000.

4. How does Withdrawal of winnings work?

You can do up to 3 Instant Withdrawals per month. If you opt for Instant Withdrawal, a maximum of Rs 400 and a minimum of Rs 100 is withdrawable in a single transaction and a maximum of Rs 1200 is withdrawable in total in a month. Post that, you can always choose ‘Regular Withdrawal’ to withdraw your winnings.

5. My Money was not received in my account after raising a withdrawal request.

All withdrawal requests are processed within 2 working days. If you have not received the amount after 2 working days, please call us at 9560590195 or mail us at help@wowchess.com.

6. After submitting my number the screen is static and not going ahead. What to do?

Please refresh your app or You can call @95605 90195 or mail at help@wowchess.com with the screenshot of the bug .


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